Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Starting a New Ballet Class...

I started dancing when I was little and then stopped for a long while whilst I was growing up. About 4-5 years ago I started again and I got into ballet, contemporary and even tap whilst really discovering my love for the 'Triple Threat' which is acting, singing and dancing.
I performed in a few musicals and even played Ariel in the musical rendition of 'The Little Mermaid' (how goals!!). I realised how much I love performing, exploring different characters and generally having the best time whenever I'm on a stage.
Only recently however, I decided that I wanted to completely focus my attention on ballet as it's something that I'd really like to continue with as I get older and maybe even teach too.
It took me some time to research and find a class that I knew I'd enjoy but eventually I did!!

I've had my first couple of lessons and so far, already I love it. There's just something about having a new, set uniform and being in it that I forgot how good it felt.
It felt so daunting during my first lesson as all of the other girls seemed to know the whole syllabus and I had to copy and somehow keep up with it all! It felt like I was thrown straight into the deep end since I was put into a class which is a little too high for my experience but at the same time I love the intensity as it makes me more determined to catch up and learn so that I can be at the same level/standard as the others.
The girls in my class are lovely, are so welcoming and make me feel much more comfortable in classes and I also love my teacher!
Fast forward to this Monday and I had my second lesson which felt even more daunting as a lot of the exercises we did included turning so I found it incredibly difficult to keep up with what we were doing and although it knocked my confidence a little and I thought I will never catch up, it just makes me more excited to continue and keep learning different parts of ballet!

Thank you for reading this (again) rambly post & if you'd like to see a What's in My Bag or Haul for my dance bits then let me know in the comments!

Sunday, 11 September 2016

Losing Weight & Healthy Lifestyle

My weight is something that I don't comment on or talk about much to others but it's something that eats at me every single day. I am unhappy with the way I look, how much I weigh and until now, I haven't done anything to change that.

I think this blog post is for me to get a few things off my chest and ultimately to help anybody in the same situation because I seem to find it incredibly difficult to actually do something about a problem and instead I keep letting it get me down - which is all changing from here on out.

After recently starting back at school and joining a new ballet class, my weight is something that I've become much more self conscious of. Over the summer, I was too busy or enjoying myself too much to notice that I was becoming bigger and thicker but now it's like I've been slapped in the face with reality and for once, I'm ready to accept it and realise that I need to do something about it in order to be happy as well as healthy.

The first thing I did was purchase a whole load of fruit. I think cutting rubbish-y foods such as chocolate and crisps is difficult unless you've got an alternative there you can immediately switch over to, which made the decision to either have another chocolate bar or eat a banana easy (a banana, of course.)
I chose fruit which I liked rather than just because it was healthy. I also enjoy mixing and matching, creating fruit salads and having fun with my food rather than just eating it plain as I know it'd put me off.
As for dinner meals, nothing much has changed except I watch how much I eat and eat smaller portions. They say that it takes 20 minutes for your body to really know that you're full so I want to get into the habit of eating a small portion and instead of eating more because I feel hungry, wait 20 minutes and then if I'm still hungry, eat a little more.
This way, I'm not eating more than my body needs and not consuming extra calories that my body doesn't need.

Another habit I really need to get into is drinking more water. I think that I'm okay with drinking water because I carry a water bottle wherever I go, whether it be school or ballet classes but I need to become more consciously aware of drinking more water (if that even makes sense) as I'll be less hungry because my body will be more full of water which is a bonus.

Lastly, I need to start exercising a lot more, haha. I hate running, I couldn't think of anything worse when it comes to exercise but  although I do dance classes and I walk lots, I'd like to make more of an effort to go for a bike ride or do a workout.
I absolutely love Blogilates and Cassey Ho's workout videos, they're so fun and I can do them in the comfort of my bedroom and it feels much more personal than a gym class for example that I'd just feel uncomfortable doing.
But I'd definitely like to start making a conscious effort to set aside time for exercising as I know it'll definitely improve my health and fitness!!

Thank you for reading to this little ramble-y blog post & if you have any tips for a healthy lifestyle, I would LOVE to hear them!!


Friday, 5 August 2016

DIY | Coffee Candle

So one of my fave besties (hi Callum!) showed me this little DIY and I was so excited about it so I thought I'd share it with you on my blog!
I'm not claiming it as my own and I'm not sure if anybody else has done it/who created this but I just found it such a cute concept and the result is amazing!!

I think the title may be a little misleading as it isn't a coffee scented candle (although you can find a gorgeous-smelling one here) but instead a candle surrounded by coffee.
Firstly you'll need something to hold your candle; you can use anything you have on hand, such as an empty candle holder, a Mason jar or a cute mug. You'll also need a tealight candle which you can buy from any supermarket. And of course you need coffee and you can use either coffee beans or granules :)

For this DIY, I bought a really cute cup & saucer from Poundland when I was looking at Jane Asher's baking range. I bought it in a matte, pastel pink colour lined with white only because it matches my bedroom interior.
I then used instant coffee that I just bought from Tesco and filled my cup with it, about 3/4 of the way. You can use coffee beans but I feel that the smell is stronger if you use coffee granules as they heat up quicker so they let off a stronger smell. But you can use either; what coffee you buy depends on whether you like the smell of that coffee and what type of coffee you buy depends on how strong you want the scent.
After I filled the cup, I used my fingers to create a small hole in the middle to place my tealight and then put my tealight into that hole. I then used my fingers again to make sure that the tealight was completely surrounded by coffee granules and then put more coffee granules up around the edges of the cup to really get a strong scent.

This DIY is so affordable, smells gorgeous and can look so cute! If you're a huge coffee fan like me then you will be sure to love it as your room will be smelling like a coffee shop in no time!

Thank you for reading!

Wednesday, 3 August 2016

What's In My Bag? | Trip to London!

I live a few fair hours away from London so I always get excited when I go.
Tomorrow I'm going to London for a football match but because it doesn't start until the evening, my family and I are going to be tourists for a day and wander around the whole of London - all 607 square miles of it.
I thought I'd share some of the items in my bag & how I'm preparing for a looooooong ass day!!!

The Bag
So firstly, the bag I'm using is my good old, trusty Vans backpack. It's so huge I feel like Mary Poppins when I use it but also it's quite light which is handy since I'm doing quite a lot of walking and don't want an extra weight. It's also really stylish and I think will defo go with my outfit!!

Insert Bag
I'm using my Cath Kidston little washbag from this weekend bag as an insert bag. Although it doesn't match the Vans bag I'm using, I still think it's so handy to put items in that are needed in an emergency or essentials that you can just quickly grab the little bag and get what you need rather than have to rummage through a huge bag looking for something.
I'm using this instead of using the smaller, front pocket as I'd rather have it all in once place and only have to worry about losing one section of my bag haha.

In my insert bag...

Info Card
In such a big place with lots of things happening, this is such an essential item. A card with information on it such as medical notes or who to call in case of emergency can be such a big help if anything happens or you get lost and people you're with can't help you if you're in a bit of a problem. An alternative is the 'Medical I.D' feature on iPhones (you can find this in settings!). I just think it's so handy to have in such a busy place at a busy time as summer is the time that everybody goes to London!

Plasters, Baby Wipes, Hand Cream etc
I feel like these items are a little self-explanatory but I always find that I forget them on a long day out and then need them - so typical!! I've chosen my Cath Kidston 'Provence Bluebell & Jasmine' because not only does it smell heavenly but I always find it keeps my hands so moisturised and soft for ages.

Headphones, iPhone (for music) & Portable Charger
I have my old iPhone that I'm taking just for music on the train etc because my current phone is so rubbish with battery that it'd just use all the battery up on music which sucks. So I'm using my previous phone for music for the journey because it is defo an essential. I also got a pink portable charger from Primark for school that I never really used but I'm so grateful that I got it now! It means I can snap away all day for Instagram and recharge my battery when it inevitably dies.

I'm taking my vlogging camera so I can vlog the whole day which I'm excited about and you can watch over on my YouTube channel soon. I got my camera two years ago it's a Lumix DMC-SZ3 and it's getting quite old but I've just never really bothered to upgrade it purely for the fact that I barely use it.

Loose in my bag...

I always love reading on a long train journeys but also didn't want to put in a book that would just completely weigh my bag down so I went for my 'ABC of Ballet' book that I love reading. And as it's not a storybook, I can listen to music and read it - the best of both worlds -  *cue Hannah Montana*.

Make up Bag
I'm using my Cath Kidston make up bag that I always seem to use for everything! I've got my eyeliner (incase wing problems), lip balm and lipstick inside as well as my trusty brush for any foundation-coming-off-the-face troubles; you never know.

Water Bottle
Because I know I'll be walking a hell of a lot I know that I need a lot of fluids to keep hydrated. I'm re-using a bottle to use for water throughout the day as re-buying water in London all day can really get mega expensive so that's quite a good tip I think :)

Body Spray
This is defo an essential for me (especially in London with all the Tube stations, ew). I'm taking my Victoria's Secret 'PINK' Collection body mist and it's the scent 'Total Flirt'. I love the smell of this, it's so summery and I love the PINK sprays because they seem to last so long for a body spray!

I feel like I've rambled on for long enough but these are a few of the things I'm taking in my bag for a long day far away from home. I hope that maybe this has given you some tips or inspiration, thank you if you've read all the way through!


Monday, 1 August 2016

Rose Gold Edit

Rose Gold Edit

Rose gold dress
£40 -

Chicwish crop top
£28 -

River Island slip on shoes
£42 -

Lana Jewelry bangle bracelet
£1,765 -

Sport watch
£190 -

Gold glasses

Nanette Lepore tech accessory
£11 -

Cynthia Rowley iphone earbud
£15 -

Becca Cosmetics makeup
£29 -

Nars cosmetic

Green Theme Bedroom~~~Summer Vibes~~~

Green Theme Bedroom~~~Summer Vibes~~~

Rove Concepts white light
£190 -

PBteen task lamp
£87 -

Intelligent Design gray bedding
£51 -

Diptyque candles candleholder
£24 -

White candle
£15 -

Word wall art
£13 -

Shandell s fragrance candle
£12 -

Round vase

Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Why I Love Ballet | Molly Louise

I have been fascinated with ballet and ballet dancers since I was little. My sister used to dance so I was always taken to her shows and I loved watching all the dancers on stage. Growing up I also used to love the children's show 'Angelina Ballerina' and that show was obvs a huge influence on my love for ballet now :)

Ballet is such a beautiful thing, the way that dancers manage to do things so effortlessly, whether it be running into position or pliƩing. I love watching ballets such as Swan Lake (that my boyfriend took me to see livestreamed from Russia!) It's the loud, classical music that the dancers are always so in sync to with each other that makes it so magical, I also love their tutus and the miniscule amounts of detail on all of them that have been handcrafted and the work that goes into their pointe or flat shoes to make them perfect for every single show they do and spending 8 hours every day on the tips of their toes - it's dedication and inspirational.

A big role model growing up and even still now is Darcey Bussell. She's one of my favourite ballerinas and I also always really used to enjoy her books but she's such an elegant ballerina and I know how hard she worked to get to be Principal Ballerina at The Royal Ballet which is what makes her so inspirational to me.

For me, ballet is a way to relieve stress and take my mind off troubles as I went into a little more deeply here, and I love ballet because even though I've not got a typical, muscled ballet figure I love to learn the different terms and movements and just find it so much fun to do. Being so concentrated on a routine or learning a new term allows me to completely just channel my energy into my dance class rather than worry about outside worries.
 I'm also so excited to start new dance classes, it feels like totally starting from the beginning and starting afresh so I think it will really just emphasise my love for dance!!

Thank you for reading!